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About: Land Capability Assessments in Victoria.

Do you need Land Capability Assessments? Who wishes to stay in a dwelling with a perpetual smell of wastewater because of an unsuccessful system? The danger of contamination of groundwater as well as nearby waterways has to be examined to make certain a home improvement does not negatively influence the top quality of the setting. A Land Capability Assessment (LCA) is required to ensure that an unsewered development can suitably and sustainably manage on-site domestic wastewater created by the ongoing use of the domestic construction. A system of controls and management is required to keep the wastewater and nutrient values at sustainable levels to protect public health and the environment and be done within the allotment boundaries. Read more...

Professional Services & Equipment

Our highly skilled field and management staff provide professional LCA services by university qualified staff, trained in all facets of geoscience to provide professional Land Capability Assessments. It is a requirement that Land Capability Assessments are provided by qualified practitioners with public and professional indemnity insurances. Furthermore, where possible our service uses sophisticated machinery where deep soil logging or investigation is required.

We have undertaken countless detailed Land Capability Assessments in Mornington Peninsula, Cardinia, Gippsland, and other locations, specifically for wastewater projects. Our Quality Control System includes a variety of safe working procedures and directions for the best Land Capability Assessment. Our Land Capability Assessment for Wastewater in Victoria are undertaken in accordance with EPA guidelines as well as consist of water and nutrient balance calculations.

Why Choose Us

Our Land Capability Assessment Consultants provide a professional service investigating and testing the site and surroundings to ensure that site characteristics can safely and effectively sustain on-site wastewater. A variety of targeted and systematic approaches are used to ensure that environmental and safety is not compromised, and continues to perform in a lasting manner.

Our Land Capability Assessment Consultants have all the information and know-how regarding land capability assessments and tailor a unique investigation and report required for wastewater design and are a requirement for council permit application. If your site is unsewered and you need a septic system, enquire with your local council to see if you need a Land Capability Assessment (LCA) before you begin and if possible submit the wastewater permit application with other construction applications to avoid unnecessary delay. Our LCA report will form part of your application for Septic (Wastewater) systems, and our experts are prudent about a timely report and environmental management and sustainability. Our analyses and reporting follows the EPA code, Local council guidelines and Australian Standards. Our Land Capability Assessment Consultants’ job is to ensure that the process is environmentally sustainable and manageable, and meets a high degree of safety for your family and for all concerned. We will identify the best options, taking into consideration cost-effectiveness while applying scientific knowledge and ideal technique for your individual site.